On this amazing journey I will  begin by staying for a few nights in magnificent Lyon, France  the gastronomical capital of France. Then I will embark on a luxury Uniworld river cruise on the SS Catherine sailing for seven nights on the rivers of Southern France stopping at several medieval towns in the wine regions and visit the homes of the grand art masters of the past.

The river cruise will terminate in Marseille and I will stay there for a few days in a quaint apartment before boarding the MSC Preziosa which will sail the Mediterranean for nine nights sailing to ports in Italy, Spain, Morocco and Portugal

It should prove to be a vacation seeped in history and gastronomy, can't wait!   




    Day 1  - Thursday October 11

 Depart Montreal for Lyon, France on Air Canada , Non-stop 7.5hr flight 



I decided to spoil myself and go Signature Class on Air Canada from Montreal to Lyon, France. This is the new name given to what used to be First Class. These individual 'Pods" are very private and the seat converts to a flat bed which is great since the flight is 7.5 hrs. The flight is also a direct one right into Lyon so it should be awesome. 


Day 02 - Friday 12 October 


France’s third-largest city is the French gastronomic capital with a culinary spirit that pervades from Michelin-starred restaurants to modest bouchons. The forks of the River Sâone and River Rhône converge in this elegant city where Roman ruins meet UNESCO-classified medieval lanes, baroque squares, and contemporary icons such as the new Musée de la Confluence ethnology museum. Lyon is the perfect city break. 

Transfer from the airport to the "Cour Des Loges" hotel in the historical Old Town in Lyon.

Located in the heart of Old Lyon, the 5-star Cour des Loges takes on the appearance of a castle in the city whose decoration takes you back to the Italian Renaissance. 

Perfect alliance between historic charm and contemporary comfort, Cour des Loges, promises luxury stays in the capital of Gaul: 1 Michelin star restaurant Les Loges, chic bistro Café-Grocery, bar, tasting place La Petite Lodge, Pure Altitude Spa with swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym, hanging gardens, valet parking and to fulfill all desires, 3 concierges "Clefs d'Or". This will be an exceptional stay in Lyon.


Since I will arrive at the hotel at around 9:30am I will leave my bags at the hotel and set off to explore. Can't wait for lunch at a "Bouchon" which is the term for 
     their pub-like restaurants in this foodie heaven!

The afternoon will be spent exploring Old Lyon and shopping

 I have a FREE cruise on the Soane river with the Lyon City Card so I will take this in the afternoon.



        This is a fabulous restaurant right around the corner from the hotel. Looking forward to a great Lyonais meal.

Overnight at the Cour Des Loges Hotel.


Day 03 - Saturday 13October 


Breakfast in the hotel

Morning tour of Lyon:   "HOP-ON HOP-OFF" tour

I am a huge fan of the Hop-On Hop-Off concept of touring in cities around the world. It allows you to see the city at your own pace and stay at one attraction as long as you want without having to follow a group. Today will be my photography day and I look forward to capturing beautiful Lyon with many striking photos.
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Late afternoon: VISIT TO MINI WORLD




Tonight I want to indulge in a renowned gourmet restaurant and La Mere Brazier is reputed to be one of the best in the city.
La Mère Brazier was established in 1921 by Eugénie Brazier. For nearly a century politicians and well-known figures from a wide range of fields have flocked to the tables of this Lyon restaurant that has become an institution.

Mathieu Viannay, 47, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman award in 2004, bought La Mère Brazier in 2008. After becoming enchanted by such a unique eatery he was eager to retain the original decor, which is steeped in the history of the place. At the same time, thanks to the decorators, Alain and Dominique Vavro, he undertook major development work. Rather than seek to alter the soul of the establishment, he decided to return to the roots. So the decor was preserved, hence the 1930s faiences are from that era, along with the finish flooring and bay windows.


Tonight I will go to the Opera to see "Mefistofele" an opera based on the story of Faust.

Mefistofele bets with God that he will succeed in corrupting the old scientist Faust, model of virtue. Faust accepts the pact: his soul against the moment of happiness that will make him say "Stop, you are so beautiful! ". Mefistofele then leads him on a journey of temptation to meet the beautiful Marguerite and Helen of Troy through the Sabbath witches. But instead of succumbing to the desire for eternity, Faust is finally struck by a divine revelation that signs the defeat of the devil.     

Overnight at the hotel.


Day 04 - Sunday 14October 


Breakfast at the hotel


The Lyon Creation Market is an open-air and open-access exhibition space. Here, 150 art creators 
come to sell their original works such as jewelry, ceramics, sculptures and paintings every Sunday morning. Painters, engravers, sculptors, photographers and craftsmen from all walks of life meet an audience of art lovers, but also curious visitors. The public can meet the artists and discuss with them their artistic approaches, acquire a work of art or order an original creation. The Marché de la Création takes place every Sunday morning on the quay Romain Rolland in the heart of the most beautiful historic district - Le Vieux Lyon.


Uniworld is committed to building a fleet of ships that represents the absolute best in luxury river cruising, combining quality craftsmanship with high-tech innovations and custom-designed interiors. Their second Super Ship, S.S. Catherine, continues this proud tradition of excellence with sumptuous materials and meticulous attention to detail. The vessel’s opulent interiors include a two-story lobby with a specially commissioned Murano glass chandelier and whimsical life-size glass horse.

                                   Click to enlarge

catherine8.jpg (97692 bytes) catherine6.jpg (111529 bytes) catherine5.jpg (94255 bytes) catherine7.jpg (110524 bytes)
catherine9.jpg (110395 bytes) catherineLounge.JPG (130418 bytes) catherinePool.jpg (61171 bytes) food.jpg (790234 bytes)
catherine11.jpg (157679 bytes) catherinebath.jpg (82878 bytes) CatherineSuite3.JPG (75972 bytes) catherinebutlers.jpg (999404 bytes)

After settling into my cabin I will have lunch onboard the ship.

The SS Catherine sails towards Macon, France at 6PM

Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight onboard SS Catherine


Day 5 - Monday 15October 


The pace of life is decidedly more relaxed in Burgundy, where endless rows of grapes hang heavy on the vine. The capital of the region’s wine trade, Beaune, is renowned for its history, beauty and highly prized wine, as well as its medieval-era hospital—the Hospices de Beaune.   Located in the southernmost part of Burgundy, Mâcon, a Saône River port, is the gateway to Beaune.

Breakfast onboard SS Catherine


Beaune may not be a large town, but it brims with history, a wealth of splendid regional architecture and incredible food. Nestled inside medieval ramparts, Beaune was the seat of the warlike dukes of Burgundy until the 16th century.


You can recognize the Hospices de Beaune (also known as Hôtel-Dieu) immediately by its fabulous multicolored-tile roof - it’s a symbol of Burgundy. Founded as a charitable institution by the duke’s chancellor in 1443, the hospital became a model for charitable giving in southern France, one with a unique fundraising tradition that continues to this day. Over the centuries, the hospice monks were given wine and vineyards, and they began selling the wine at auction in order to support their charitable work. The wine auction is now world-famous, and the institution remains a working hospital for the poor, with modern facilities standing alongside the historic Hôtel-Dieu.

Lunch in beautiful Beaune

Afternoon return to the ship.

Gala "Captain's Welcome Aboard" dinner

Overnight onboard the SS Catherine


Day 6 - Tuesday 16October 


This morning the ship is once again in Lyon. Since I spent a few days here before I don't need to take a general excursion but one visiting areas I have not done.

Breakfast onboard SS Catherine



Lyon’s history is entwined with silk, which dominated the city’s economy for centuries - at one time, almost a third of the city’s population were silk weavers. We'll take a tram and head for Lyon-Perrache station with our guide, who will take us into the historic Saint-Jean Quarter, part of the UNESCO-honored Old Town. The Gothic cathedral is probably the most striking heirloom of the Middle Ages, but the tall rose and ocher buildings dating to the Renaissance pay tribute to the importance of the silk trade with Italy in that era. 

We'll enter the courtyard of the Gadagne Museum, which is housed in an early16th- century building, and stroll along Rue Juiverie, which has been occupied since Roman times and was once home to Nostradamus. We’ll see some of the traboules, the old passageways that snake between and through buildings, secret shortcuts that silk weavers took to keep their delicate fabrics out of the rain. We’ll pass cozy bouchons, which serve traditional local dishes, and we’ll have a chance to see a Jacquard loom in use.




Straight out of a Baroque theatre set, in a style that veers between overbearing and outrageous, with a facade  in emblematic colours, ornaments that are a nod to the culinary arts, the Auberge du Pont de Collonges attracts gourmets from far and wide wishing to savour the Holy Grail of gastronomy of the Paul Bocuse, 3 Michelin starred restaurant.

Paul Bocuse, a name known around the world. After 50 years of Michelin-star recognition, this hero of French gastronomy has built an empire based on regional cuisine, drawing his inspiration from simplicity and generosity. 

When Monsieur Paul arrives in the dining room to greet his guests, sporting his Chef's hat and a spotless jacket bearing the colours of France, time appears to stand still, silence falls. Everyone turns to admire this imposing and charismatic figure. A sacred moment. 

People come to the Paul Bocuse restaurant to savour the dishes but also to experience this exceptional encounter with the Pope of gastronomy and the Chef of the century.

I can't believe I will actually have a meal here!!!!

Afternoon return to ship, rest of day at leisure.

Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight onboard the SS Catherine


Day 7 - Wednesday 17October 


Tournon and Tain-l'Hermitage are two picturesque French towns on either side of the Rhône River. These two "twin cities" are attractive to all visitors, but especially those who enjoy chocolate and wine. The two towns are small and connected by a bridge, so it's easy to see both when your river ship is docked in Tain-l'Hermitage. 

Breakfast onboard the SS Catherine


Nestled on opposite sides of the river in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône, the twin cities of Tournon and Tain-l’Hermitage are an ideal destination for connoisseurs of fine wine. Tournon may be a small town, but stirring events took place here: A castle was raised on the hilltop in the 10th century to protect the region, and new fortifications were added over the centuries, including two “new” towers built to defend against Protestant attacks in the 16th century. We can see the handsome houses constructed by wealthy merchants and garrison officers when walking through the Rue de Doux area, and we’ll pass the 14th-century church, unusual for the number of houses incorporated in its walls and the oldest secondary school in France.

We'll cross the pretty flower-decked Marc Seguin suspension bridge to Tain-l’Hermitage to visit local wine cellars, where we can taste the region’s famous Côtes du Rhône, Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage wines. These wines are produced from the Syrah grapes that grow on the steep slopes lining the river. After the wine tasting, we’ll have time to browse through the shops; the Valrhona chocolate factory is always a popular stop.

Lunch onboard SS Catherine

Afternoon free for shopping.

Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight onboard the SS Catherine


Day 8 - Thursday 18October 



Viviers is a commune in the department of Ardèche in southern France. It is a small walled city situated on the right bank of the Rhône. The Cathedral and the walled city proudly dominate the plain and fit perfectly into the mountain environment. They are the heart of a medieval urban fabric nestled between river and mountain.

Breakfast onboard the SS Catherine


Sycamores line some of Viviers’ stone-paved streets (planted, so they say, to provide shade for Napoleon’s soldiers), and houses here bear the watermarks of floods over the years. A local expert will show us the fountain squares in the Old Town, which combines Roman and medieval influences, and cobblestone lanes so narrow you can stand in the middle and touch the medieval houses on either side.  
An enchanting village where time seems to have stopped centuries ago, Viviers has a long and storied past that goes back more than 1,600 years and a splendid architectural heritage to match. At one time, Viviers was divided along religious lines the clergy lived in the upper part of the town, the laity in the lower part.

Viviers climbs a hill crowned by 12th-century St. Vincent’s Cathedral. It happens to be the smallest cathedral in France, but it contains a marvelous organ. We can take a seat under the soaring vaults and listen while a local organist demonstrates just how fine an instrument it is before meeting some of the local residents. We can choose to learn how a local potter makes the attractive wares sold at Poterie; step into one of two homes - one a mansion, the other more modest; take a dance class; or sample the wares at a popular bar. We will have a little refreshment as all visits include an aperitif. On our way back to the ship, we will stop to try our hand at a game of petanque, which is akin to horseshoes, only it’s played with steel balls.

Lunch at a quaint cafe in Viviers

Afternoon free for shopping in Viviers

Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight onboard the SS Catherine


Day 9 - Friday 19October 


The walled city of Avignon is one of the most fascinating towns in southern France, with a host of historic gems to explore including the fortress residence of rebellious popes who broke from Rome and once lived and ruled here. We’ll see the Palace of the Popes and much more today, and also have a chance to kayak under a 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct.   Avignon is home to the medieval bridge immortalized in the folk song “Sur le Pont d ’Avignon,” as well as the mighty Palace of the Popes. From a distance, the picture-perfect city center looks as though it has been lifted straight from the pages of a history book, but all you need to do is step inside its medieval walls to discover the prosperous heart of contemporary Avignon.

Breakfast onboard the SS Catherine


It’s hard to believe, looking at the charming cafés and entertaining street performers in the Clock Tower Square, that this lively scene owes its existence to a 15th-century siege. This area was the heart of medieval Avignon (and the site of the original Roman town), crowded with cottages and narrow streets until a pope had it all demolished in order to give his troops a clearer field of fire. That is Avignon in a nutshell: It was the city of the popes. The Avignon popes built the ramparts that still surround the Old Town and the huge, nearly impregnable fortress that dominates the UNESCO-designated district; in fact, the city did not officially become part of France until 1791. Stand below the high, thick walls to get a sense of just how daunting these fortifications were, then climb many steps as we tour the Palace of the Popes itself, it’s worth it!

Lunch onboard SS Catherine

Afternoon free for bicycle riding and shopping

Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight on SS Catherine


Day 10 - Saturday 20October 


Explore one of two sun-drenched Provençal towns today, each with an allure all its own. Known for its remarkable Roman ruins, Arles so inspired Van Gogh that he painted some 200 paintings there; Tarascon boasts an ancient castle, as well as a local legend about a ferocious dragon.   Arles has existed since the sixth century BC, when the ancient Greeks founded it and named it Theline. It was here that the Romans built their first bridge across the Rhône River, creating a vital overland route between Italy and Spain and facilitating the expansion of their empire. Long renowned as one of the region’s most attractive cities, it lured artist Vincent van Gogh, who painted hundreds of works here (including Sunflowers and The Yellow House) in just 15 months. A short distance from Arles is the ancient and charming town of Tarascon. Its many medieval sites include a 12th-century church and a 15th-century castle that is rich with tales of a beloved ruler. Bask in the warmth of the Provençal sunlight in either of these friendly Mediterranean towns.

Breakfast onboard the SS Catherine


Van Gogh paid tribute to Arles’s atmospheric beauty in some 200 paintings, including Starry Night Over the Rhône. It’s an ancient city boasting a remarkable collection of Roman ruins; among them are a theater discovered in 1651 and an amphitheater that is still used for sporting events. We'll a local expert for a stroll through this district, where medieval houses crowd in among the ancient structures and the city gates date to the 13th century. Pause before the town hall, built with stone quarried from the Roman theater, and the Romanesque St. Trophime Church, which was erected in the 12th century. It replaced the church where St. Augustine, the man who converted the inhabitants of England to Christianity, was consecrated by the first archbishop of Canterbury.


We'll walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps past the cheery yellow Café de Nuit still open and still the same shade of yellow it was when he painted it and across Forum Square before visiting the town’s bountiful farmers’ market, which displays seasonal fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs and many more specialties of Southern France.

During  the free time after the tour, we can peruse the local shops, go olive tasting or delve further into Arles’s stunning collection of architectural treasures.

Lunch onboard SS Catherine

Afternoon free for shopping

Gala Farewell Reception & Dinner onboard SS Catherine

Overnight on SS Catherine


Day 11 - Sunday 21October 


Marseille is the  "oldest city in France"  and indeed one of the oldest in western Europe. The city was founded as Massalia in around 600 BC, and soon developed into an important port in the ancient Greek world. For the Greeks, and later for the Romans, it was a major point of transition and trade between the civilisations of the Mediterranean, and those of Gaul and northwest Europe.

The tourism mecca of Marseilles, the Old Port, the main port of Marseilles for over two thousand years, is now a large marina, flanked on three sides by restaurants bistros cafés and shops. At the inner end of the basin is the pleasure cruise terminal, from which visitors can take boat trips round the port, out to the Island of If, or along the coast to Cassis. 

Early arrival in Avignon, France

Breakfast onboard the SS Catherine

Disembarcation in Avignon 

Transfer from Avignon to Marseille

I will check into a cute apartment in the port area of Marseille for a 4 night stay.

Since I am staying for four nights in Marseille I thought an apartment would be a better option than a hotel. I found a very cute one in the area of the Old Port that I really like. It has a nice little courtyard with a fountain and is minutes from all sorts of restaurants, shops and tourist transportation, just perfect.

 Late lunch in Old Port of Marseille

 Afternoon free to explore the Old Port part of the city of Marseille on a cute little train. 

 I'll go and pick up some provisions for my stay in the apartment.


Charming seaside restaurant with traditional homemade cuisine made from fresh seafood, fresh vegetables and homemade desserts. Fresh fish is bought from the local fishermen every morning. 

Overnight at the apartment in Marseille


Day 12 - Monday 22October 


Breakfast at the apartment

Morning excursion:    HOP-ON HOP-OFF MARSEILLE TOUR

A hop-on-hop-off tour of Marseille is a great way to get a flavor of this beautiful French city steeped in history. Tour the Vieux-Port and soak up the charm of Marseilles life with its many restaurants, fishermen's stalls and daily fish market. Explore the pretty fishing port, Vallon des Auffes and stroll alongside small, brightly colored boats and numerous seashore cabins before wandering through the picturesque narrow streets. This unique, peaceful place sheltered by cliffs has inspired many poets, painters and writers.

A halt at Borely Park is a great idea if you wish to spend some relaxing time with your family, away from the bustle of the city. You will come across winding waterways with ducks, swans and rowboats, including quiet little corners where narrow paths meander through thick foliage.

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marseille4.jpg (151283 bytes) marseille5.jpg (75320 bytes) marseille6.jpg (240600 bytes) marseille7.jpg (77693 bytes) marseille8.JPG (121995 bytes)
marseille9.jpg (113101 bytes) marseille10.jpg (198328 bytes) marseille11.jpg (50782 bytes) marseille12.jpg (286400 bytes) marseille13.jpg (380006 bytes)

Lunch in the Old Port of Marseille

Afternoon free for shopping


The rib of beef welcomes you every day without exception, to enjoy dishes of the day made entirely from fresh produce that are carefully selected, including the meat (beef ribs, Iberian plum, beef surprise) cooked over a wood fire! One of the best in Marseille with great wine from from the Bordeaux region. 

Overnight at the apartment in Marseille

Day 13- Tuesday 23October 


Breakfast at the apartment


Discover Provençal village life on this full-day tour of the mountainous Luberon region from Marseille. Wind through the Combe of Lourmarin – Luberon’s massive river valley – to visit the medieval villages of l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Lourmarin and Gorges. Browse lavender shops and open-air markets in Roussillon, visit the centuries-old Sénanque Abbey and enjoy free time in the village of Fontaine de Vaucluse. 

Tour details: 

Meet the guide and embark on the northbound journey to the beautiful Luberon region, an area composed of rolling hills, hilltop drystone villages and endless fields of lavender. 

Stop first in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to stroll the riverside and browse local antique shops, art galleries, boutiques and cafés.

Continue to Gordes, widely considered one of France’s most beautiful villages. Tumbling down the hillside, the white stone town of Gordes offers spectacular views of the Luberon plain. 

Next, head to Bonnieux, a lovely village known for its medieval Roman-Gothic Vielle Église (Old Church) and its surrounding patchwork of vineyards and orchards.

From here, you’ll follow the Combe of Lourmarin, a verdant river valley that splits the Luberon mountain range.

Stop in the picturesque town of Lourmarin to have some lunch and view the town’s Renaissance castle, dubbed the Villa Medicis de Provence.  

After lunch, head to the medieval Senanque Abbey, situated amidst a sea of lavender. Then enjoy some free time in the village of Fontaine de Vaucluse.

Your final stop is Roussillon for an unforgettable look at the region’s famous ochre cliffs, painted in swathes of red and yellow. Grab any last souvenirs before heading back to Marseille arriving in the early evening.


Trois Forts, presents the subtle Mediterranean cuisine of chef Dominique Frérard and his famous dishes based on local fresh products. Combine taste discovery with cultural beauty while enjoying its open-air terrace.

   Overnight at the apartment in Marseille


Day 14 - Wednesday 24October 


Breakfast at the apartment


Soak up the slow-paced lifestyle of Provence with a visit to the charming city of Aix-en-Provence and the peaceful hamlet of Cassis. Stroll in narrow alleyways, see magnificent buildings and colorful open-air markets, and stop at a sleepy fishing village to experience a truly Mediterranean way of life.

Aix-en-Provence is famous for its picturesque Provencal markets, held outdoors in the public squares. Enjoy a walk among delightful stalls lined with fragrant flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, vibrant textiles, and delicious regional specialties. Known as the "City of Counts"— because the Counts of Provence once lived here— Aix-en-Provence is home to several impressive, old aristocratic palaces. Have a look at their lavish facades while exploring the quaint lanes and quiet corners of town.

Continue your tour to Cassis, a traditional Mediterranean seaport. Gaze at the pastel-colored houses and small sailboats docked in the bay as you meander along the waterfront. Find lovely shaded squares bordered by sunny terraces and outdoor cafés. Take some leisure time to explore a 14th-century château or relax on the beach. Nearby, view the area’s gorgeous calanques, coves of steep white cliffs and brilliant turquoise water. For those who want to get a closer look, consider a mini-cruise into the beautiful coves before returning to the harbor and transportation back to Marseille.

Late lunch in Marseille


I am crazy excited to visit Chateau D'If, the island prison depicted in one of my favorite movies "The Count of Monte Cristo"!!

Francis I of France wanted the Château d’If to fulfil three functions: protect the coast from invasion; provide cover for the new royal fleet of galleys, and keep watch over Marseille, annexed to France in 1480. Anyone opposing official authority was imprisoned here from 1580 until 1871, especially Protestants and Republicans.  

Alexandre Dumas published The Count of Monte Cristo in 1844. Its main protagonist Edmond Dantès is imprisoned at Chateau d'If. Hugely popular, the novel has been translated into most languages and has inspired twenty-three films, my favorite being the one with Jim Caviesel.


Since 1980, Jeanne and Simone Laffitte have continued to refine this large space dedicated to the merchandise of the commercial port after having sheltered the Arsenal galley of Les Galères. The meeting of a library and a cellar was Jeanne's crazy dream come true thanks to her sister Simone. Old and modern books and bottles have found their place on the shelves around an unusual restaurant. 

Overnight at the apartment in Marseille


Day 15 - Thursday 25October 


Breakfast at the apartment

Board the MSC Preziosa ship around noon.

A modern Mediterranean masterpiece, deliciously Italian. Live extraordinarily on MSC Preziosa, created so you can cruise worldwide in luxury, savoring the pleasures of the Mediterranean way of life. It has  a classic ambiance that radiates light and color - including a real stone piazza alongside spectacular and sweeping Swarovski crystal grand staircases and a magical ‘infinity’ pool.  Relish in award-winning favorites such as the MSC Aurea Spa with beauty and wellness treatments that melt every tension away. Experience the secluded luxury of MSC Yacht Club, a ship-within-a-ship of exclusive suites, butler service, dedicated facilities and private decks - all offering privileged access to the world-class leisure on board, including a full-gaming casino and Broadway-scale theater. Discover innovations exclusive to MSC Preziosa like the delicious Eataly slow food gastronomy, the refined Top adults-only sun deck complete with spa treatments, 

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Lunch onboard Preziosa

Afternoon free to explore my floating hotel for the next nine nights

The ship will sail towards Genoa at 6PM

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 16 - Friday 26October  


With its dizzying mix of the old and the new, Genoa is as multilayered as the hills it clings to. It was and is, first and foremost, a port city: an important maritime center for the Roman Empire, boyhood home of Christopher Columbus (whose much-restored house still stands near a section of the medieval walls), and, fueled by seafaring commerce that stretched to the Middle East, one of the largest and wealthiest cities of Renaissance Europe. 

It’s easy to capture glimpses of Genoa’s former glory days on the narrow lanes and dank alleys of the portside Old Town, where treasure-filled palaces and fine marble churches stand next to laundry-draped tenements and brothels. The other Genoa, the modern city that stretches for miles along the coast and climbs the hills, is a city of international business, peaceful parks, and breezy belvederes from which you can enjoy fine views of this colorful metropolis and the sea.

Breakfast onboard Preziosa

The ship will dock at 9AM

Morning excursion:  HOP-ON-HOP-OFF GENOA 

I will take my favorite kind of tour today, a Hop-On-Hop-Off city tour of Genoa. I can get off when I want and get back on the next bus at all the main attractions of the city. Best way to see a city.  

Afternoon free for shopping in Genoa

Ship sets sail at 5PM

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 17 - Saturday 27October 


Today is a sea day and I just love those since you can sleep in and then have the whole day to enjoy the features of the ship such as the spa and pool areas......great day! 

Breakfast on Preziosa

Day free onboard

Lunch onboard Preziosa

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 18 - Sunday 28October 


"To be a Cubist you have to have been born in Málaga," Picasso once said of his native city. Looking up at the Moorish Alcazaba and the Renaissance cathedral bathed in pure Mediterranean light, you too will feel inspired. Like a true Andalusian, Málaga is a friendly, noisy, fiesta-loving extrovert. Go beyond the Picasso Museum and La Malagueta beach to see how the real Málagueños live -- eating in jam-packed tapas bars, strolling along palm-fringed promenades and partying in the Old Town like there's no mañana.


Morning excursion: HOP-ON-HOP-OFF

This is my favorite way to explore cities around the world at my own pace. The hop-on hop-off tour starts at the bus station slose to the cruise pier. Climb to the top deck of the bus to enjoy an excellent vantage point of monuments like the beautiful La Manquita, the city’s cathedral, and the grand palace fortress. Hop off to explore the Picasso Museum, the Alcazaba, and more, and hear the history behind each site from the onboard audio commentary. I can Hop off and on the bus as many times as I like during the 24-hour validity period of the ticket and then rejoin the route at any one of 14 stops. The entire route takes approximately 80 minutes and buses depart from each stop every 30 minutes.

Click to enlarge
MALAGA1.jpg (439442 bytes) MALAGA2.jpg (265440 bytes) MALaga3.JPG (160420 bytes)
malaga8.jpg (99922 bytes) malaga7.jpg (621644 bytes) malaga6.jpg (140015 bytes)
malaga9.jpg (141284 bytes) malaga10.jpg (126843 bytes) malaga5.jpeg (54083 bytes)

Lunch onboard Preziosa

Ship sails at 5:30PM for Casablanca, Morocco

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 19 - Monday 29October 


Casablanca, meaning "white house" in Spanish, is the historic, economic and cultural center of Morocco.  It's a bustling city with a busy port and a blend of old and new. Rising above Casablanca's skyline is the magnificent  Hassan II Mosque. This 2nd largest mosque in the Islamic world is an impressive example of Moorish architecture, resplendent with stone, marble, tilework, and carved and painted wood ceilings.  

A visit to Casablanca would not be complete without a stop at the Central Market, a dazzling blend of  local handicrafts, street musicians and spices. The fragrance of those spices will tantalize your taste buds and have you craving the local cuisine.
I'm looking forward to visiting the city whose name bears the title of one of my favorite movies. 

Breakfast onboard Preziosa

Arrive Casablanca at 8AM

Morning sightseeing:  CASABLANCA, MOROCCO

Founded by the Carthaginian who called the city Anfa, Casablanca as it is today is the result of rebuilding work carried out after a devastating earthquake in 1755. This city excursion will take you on a panoramic tour through the main streets and squares of Casablanca with a short stop at the Habous quarters and a local market to have a glimpse of everyday life in the city. We will visit the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame de Lourdes and the highlight of the excursion will be a visit to the magnificent Mosque of Hassan II, the largest mosque in the Islamic world after Mecca. The tour ends with a shopping stop before returning to the port.

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Lunch onboard Preziosa


Located in western Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean, the huge city of Casablanca is already a remarkable sight during the day, but at night, the place lights up in an array of different colours that will astound you. This coach-based sightseeing tour plus dinner will take you through the magical nighttime city, with a first stop made at Mohamed V square for you to take some photos. The route then flanks Arab League Park, continues down Moulay Youssef Boulevard, one of Casablanca’s largest thoroughfares, and noted for its elegant Art Deco- and Neo-Moorish-inspired architecture. A second photo stop is scheduled at the world-famous Hassan II Mosque, which is lit up at night for maximum effect. As one of the world’s largest mosques, the immense building has room for up to 25,000 people inside and for another 80,000 in the courtyard. A drive down Casablanca’s famous Corniche will then take you to the restaurant where dinner awaits. Look forward to an authentic Moroccan ambience, complete with candlelight and hand-painted decorations, while you enjoy the delicious food to the sight and sound of Arab Andalusian music and belly dancer. The tour then ends with your return to the port and your ship.

Ship sets sail at 11PM

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 20 - Tuesday 30October 


Today is a sea day and I just love those since you can sleep in and then have the whole day to enjoy the features of the ship such as F1 Simulator, 4D Cinema and Bowling! ... great day!

Breakfast on Preziosa

Day free onboard

Lunch onboard Preziosa

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 21 - Wednesday 31October 


Bathed in pure Atlantic light, crowned by the storybook St. George's Castle and straddling seven hills, Lisbon is one of Europe's most visually striking capitals. Looks aside, the city surely wins you over with its genuine friendliness and blissfully laid-back pace. At once nostalgic and progressive, Lisbon's charm shines through in everyday life -- listening to the mournful fado songs in the Moorish Alfama's alleys, indulging in custard tarts in gilded Art Nouveau patisseries and living it up at a Bairro Alto street party.

Breakfast onboard Preziosa

Ship arrives Lisbon at 8AM

Morning excursion:   SINTRA & QUINTA DA REGALEIRA

Having been to Lisbon before I am taking a different tour.

Your comfortable coach will take you through the beautiful Atlantic coastline and along Sintra National Protected Forest area on twisted and narrow roads that will connect you to a mysterious world. You will visit the beautiful vila of Sintra and the mystic Quinta da Regaleira, one of the most surprising of all Sintra's monuments. Prepare to enter a world of arcane symbols on a tour to the Quinta da Regaleira, a large estate and Gothic mansion on the outskirts of Sintra. Originally constructed in the early 20th century, the complex was then substantially enlarged and ornamented with a plethora of stone-rendered symbolism by the millionaire António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro. The enigmatic structures within the grounds include an inverted tower, which is actually a deep well whose walls house a galleried spiral staircase that can be walked down and up again. Also called the Initiation Well, the unusual structure is meant to facilitate a journey of contemplation and rebirth. After boarding the coach, you will reach the fishing village of Cascais and favourite summer retreat of the royal family. Free time to explore the village before returning to Lisbon driving along Estoril, where lived exiled royal and noble families during the 20th century. You can admire Lisbon's coast: see the beaches, the Tagus River mouth and discover how Lisbon grew up. Before arriving at pier you'll have the opportunity to see the Tower of Belém, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Jeronimos Monastery. 

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight onboard Preziosa


Day 22 - Thursday 01 November 


Today is a sea day and I just love those since you can sleep in and then have the whole day to enjoy the features of the ship such as fun activities planned, shopping and picture taking......great day! 

Breakfast on Preziosa

Day free onboard

Lunch onboard Preziosa

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 23 - Friday 02 November 


A Gothic and Modernist marvel on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is quirky, cosmopolitan and effortlessly cool. This city breathes life: from chefs foraging for fresh produce in La Boqueria Market at the crack of dawn to partygoers leaving El Born's pulsating clubs around the same time. Pause for a minute, and discover Barcelona's real charm in small details — the hidden courtyards of Barri Gòtic, the light catching Sagrada Família's wax-like turrets — all coming together to make the Catalan capital one of Spain's most livable and loveable cities.

Breakfast on Preziosa

The ship arrives at 12Noon 

Lunch in Barcelona

 Afternoon excursion: HOP-ON-HOP-OFF BARCELONA

Once again I will choose this kind of excursion so that I can freely see the city at my own pace.

This extensive tour covers all the highlights of the city in two great routes, from the unique Gaudi architecture to the lively beaches; all of Barcelona is explored with this hop-on, hop-off tour.

With this ticket, you can hop on and off as many times as you wish, change route, or just sit back and enjoy the city's epic views from a state-of -the-art open-top bus. While on the bus you can learn about the city’s rich culture and history from the audio commentary available on-board offered in 15 languages.

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Ship sails at 7PM

Dinner onboard Preziosa

Overnight on Preziosa


Day 24 - Saturday 03 November 



Breakfast onboard Preziosa

Today I leave this beautiful ship and return home

Transfer to airport

Fly from Marseille to Montreal on Air Canada

                                                                End of MyJourney!


                                                        "If love is the food of life, then travel is the dessert"........this will have surely been a veritable feast!                                                        

      Until the next adventure . . . . Norwegian Fjords.... June 2019!!!